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20 Fév 2020 10:22 #1 par Amighost
I am developing a custom module in Joomla4 alpha, using a bootstrap rendered modal window so that the user of the component will assign images from media in the Joomla back end to the extension gallery.

In Joomla3.x, there are insert and close buttons when the modal window comes up.

In Joomla4, there is not or I am missing something?
$html .= JHtmlBootstrap::renderModal(
                 'url' => Uri::root() . 'administrator/index.php?option=com_media&tmpl=component&e_name=myslideimgname&asset=com_modules&author=&path=' . '&' . JSession::getFormToken() . '=1"',
                 'width' => '620px',
                 'height' => '390px'

In Joomla3.x, there is view=images in which the two buttons were added in its layout, in Joomla4 alpha there is not such a view, only file and media views.

The way around this problem is to make the user create a folder in the images folder of Joomla, add images there, then read those images in the layout of the extension from the folder.

However, if there is a solution to add the insert button, I would rather employ it.

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